Friday, 3 April 2009

Another three hours

After not getting out yesterday as I took Ali out for a drive to see some baby sheep - the 10m we walked to lower barn at Rivi for ice-creams nearly killed her so this chest infection still has her feeling rubbish! So today I set my alarm early and was out of the door at 7:30am. I knew I had to be back at 11am and wanted 3 hours actual ride time, so it meant only 30minutes of stops.

I headed off to Tottington via various paths and roads and dropped onto the sustrans path, round the edge of ramsbottom and nearly up to Helmshore. Then it was a climb up to Peel Tower before heading over the firing range, lots of shouting and two groups on the path but no flags flying. Then over past the Strawbury Duck and various paths home, I was going to be a little short on time so one last climb onto the Belmont road before flying home along the road.

Felt good all the way round and really pleased with the average speed, am I getting faster or riding easier routes?

29.28 miles @ 9.8 mph
917m ascent


  1. You're getting a lot faster.

    I'm dreading keeping up when you switch back to gears.

  2. Oh I'm slower on that bike!

  3. must be faster!
    ...hope ali is starting to feel better

  4. Feeling better than she was but still not good, walking even 10m is too much. Just back from the Dr's again. Where do I get a none ill one?