Thursday, 23 April 2009

Meeting Ellie

Today I rode over to Rivi to meet Esme from shecycles to have a look at her mountain bike as she has put shorter cranks on it. A lot of people say that shorter cranks should go with shorter legs and seeing as I am vertically challenged it interested me. She also brough Ellie her trike to meet me. I was so excited! After a few (maybe 50) laps of the car park I headed out on a longer ride, taking her off-road up to top barn, then along to the castle. I finished the afternoon by riding her down the steps in the carpark. She was fantastic fun. Hard work going uphill but happy to go anywhere even though she isn't really an off-road trike!


  1. Could this be bike number 9?
    (i've lost count!)

  2. She wouldn't fit in the house and I have 5!!!

  3. I have 170mm cranks on all my bikes rather than the standard 175mm. I notice the difference, have a smoother pedal stroke but I am short of leg for my height as well as just being short!

    I have wondered anout 165s on my road bike.

  4. Pretty cool trike, just like riding in a recliner chair LOL