Wednesday, 1 April 2009

I need to learn how to ride

Today I headed out a little later than planned but said to Ali I would be doing three hours again, she is happy with this as she doesn't want to be home all day on her own while she is ill. I had a vague plan in my head that I would head over to Healey Nab and look at the new trail (I'd heard some of it was rideable) on the way there I did a new trail near me that will be a challenge to get up on the singlespeed but something to aim for. Then once at Rivington I headed down the ICR, stopping 3 times - not good I've been clearing it consistantly recently! Then over to the Nab, headed off onto the new stuff but once again couldn't ride and kept stopping. Could see parts I couldn't work out how to link up and then I ended up out of the Nab and on the outskirts of Chorley. Back in and I followed a track out, which became a bog. Before eventually finding my way back to somewhere I knew. A quick call to Ali - who just laughed - and it was as quick as I could home via Asda.

Great day out there, I was in 3/4 lengths and just a light base layer and jersey. Oh and reminder to self do not leave it so long before pumping up air pressure in the forks!
31.61 miles @ 8.9mph
1119m ascent


  1. There are at least two trails in there, apparently there is a black run that cuts across the red one (the one you started on above the original drops). I found it really confusing too, but it was dark and I'd never ridden it before which didn't help either, one of the drop offs was a little cheeky!

    We didn't go all the way down as it does end up in Chorley and I don't think that section has been finished as I'm sure they have run out of money ( one of the guys we ride with is part of the council team responsible for getting these trails and Lee Quarry stuff built)If you drop down to the second main track you can ride along it and pick up the bridleway again (course you probably already know that!).

  2. Having now ridden it in daylight it is a little confusing. The black run pretty much heads straight down and the red meanders around a lot but it would be easy to just end up on the wrong trail if you didn't know. I'm assuming they are going to signpost it at some point.

  3. Who knows what I was on then?

    Let me know next time you go, I think I might ride it better if I wasn't on my own!