Saturday, 4 April 2009

A busy day

First thing today I had my Gym Instructor assessment, I was worried enough about it but realised yesterday Ali wasn't going to be well enough to use as my person. A quick text and my friend Julie agreed to come as I promised a good bike ride with good weather. I headed out early to collect her from Glossop only forgot to stay on the M60 by coming off at simmister island and nearly ended up in Halifax. Still I got there eventually and to the gym in time for a quick run through. First shock was a change to the person assessing me and someone else following us round. But I was first up and it went quickly! The important thing is I passed!!!

After that it was home for bacon butties before heading out on the bikes about 12noon. I promised her the weather and after raining all morning it cleared up, only problem was the wind, but you can't have everything. We headed over to Rivington, did Jon's 200yards, up the school climb and then down the ICR where two walkers took the whole track so I had to stop! After that it was over to the nab, a few practice bits and we had it sorted - I didn't get lost either! So once more round and this time we had an audience! At least I had stopped screaming!

After that it was back to Chapel tea rooms for cake and hot chocolates before climbing up onto Winter Hill, had to go round the diversion, then down the Belmont descent. A mixture of roads and tracks oh and some steps I squealed down took us back to mine. Saw a cute little baby sheep up on winter hill, makes the climb worth while!

Then it was drive Julie back and pick up pizza for tea!

35.26 miles @ 8.2 mph
1304m ascent


  1. Congratulations, Trio. Great rides, too, by the sound of it and I love the photo of the baby sheep. Soooo cute!

  2. Yay well done Trio!!

    Sorry to hear Ali's still poorly this close to the Mara...when I ran it I hadn't been able to run for most of the preceding 3 weeks with knee and hip problems and still (somehow) got round on the day...

  3. That's go to know Jo might make her feel a bit better.

  4. The poor sister5 April 2009 at 11:43

    Congrats little un

  5. Congrats Trio!

    The ride sounds like it was a fab one. Hope Ali feels better soon x

  6. well done! ...was that the longest time to have to spend in an actual gym ;)

    ...healthy vibes to ali...