Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Nipping into Manchester

This morning I rode into Manchester to pick up my waterproof shorts from Evans, Gore have kindly replaced them for me. Hopefully these ones will last! I suspect the grit of Rivington caused the problem but they should really have lasted longer than they did. But I stick by my review they are great shorts, just maybe a bit expensive if they don't last!

26miles @ 13.8 mph
363m ascent


  1. I ride with a mudguard, always, don't care how much of a plank I look or spoils the lines of the bike as it stops so much grit getting in to things like the saddle/shorts/my bum and ruining them.

  2. I "invented" waterproof shorts years ago, even the most resilient of fabrics are going to die around here, I've killed heavy duty cordura (4x times as tough as short fabric) in a few weeks, so 90quid fancy shorts have no chance, I'm afraid.

  3. Thing is matt I don't wear them that much, I tend to stick to my lycra unless I'm on a group ride. Also I'm stood up most of the time.

    But I'm happy they were replaced, suspect I can't go back with these ones in a few months tho!

    I don't think anything is rivington proof!

  4. Keep thinking I should get a mudguard! If I cared what people thought I won't ride my singlespeed, I get told all the time it is the wrong bike, but I love it!