Tuesday, 31 March 2009

No century this month

Well since today is the last day of march there will be no century this month. Originally I was going to do it saturday but then I took Ali's mum to rivi for tea and cake, then the next plan was for today but Ali is still ill and although she told me to go her face said not to. Seeing as when I went out for my shorter ride she asked me to be back in 3 hours she obviously wants me about. It is hard to fit a century in when life gets busy, its basically 8 hours out of the house and sometimes that time is hard to find.

But after last weeks road miles commuting to and from manchester today I got back out off-road. I headed off and joust explored tracks, linking them up with ones I knew. Let to some pushing but also some nice new trails. It felt great to be out there and the new grips seem fine. But I think the next present for rigger might be carbon bars, coming down the cobbles in ramsbottom my arms were dying!

27.14 miles @ 9mph
806m ascent


  1. a mere technicality, we'll let you off! i seem to remember you doing some very big rides, one in particular ;)

  2. Yeah, we'll count your big rides coming up! Hope Ali feels better and your time gets freed up a bit. The carbon bars sound like a great treat for you, you've really earned them!

  3. You've really not managed a century of any description in March? I've had a lax march but you have not. Sorry but that singlespeed epic in the peaks counts for a double road century as far as I'm concerned.

  4. As the organizer of the even I'm sure you'll find a loop hole;) Look forward to next month's challenge