Monday, 23 March 2009

A birthday ride

Today was my friend Ros's birthday and as it turns out she has just moved to Bolton so she asked me to take her on a ride. The 5 miles to her house took me about 40minutes - usually 30 would be plenty - due to the wind and hail! We were joined there by Julie and sat and chatted till nearly midday when we decided to brave the weather. By this point the hail had stopped but the wind was still up. The decision was taken to go over to the duck and stay off winter hill. Once we got there it was closed, so we dropped into Edgeworth and found a nice pub - £6.95 for two courses! I had chilli followed by chocolate fudge cake. From there we headed over to Peel Tower - failed the climb again. Before dropping down the cobbled road where both the other two came off, Ros came off the better with her knee protectors on but Julie was struggling with bending her knee for the rest of the ride. From there it was a mix on road and off-road back to belmont where I headed home.

31.44 miles @ 8.8 mph
1017m ascent

1 comment:

  1. wind, hail! perfect blue skies over here. tough ride but at least you got 2 courses!