Thursday, 5 March 2009

Worth keeping as a spare?

Anyone following mt tweets will know that I have been too lazy to sort my rig out. Well new cog is now fitted, riding later to check it is all fine. Now the old one, think its worth keeping? Or just too far gone?


  1. there's 100's, maybe 1000's of miles left on that.
    might as well keep it for a spare, but just flipping it around and using it would be like new.

  2. The picture makes it looks better than it is, I have been running it flipped round for the last few rides, I'll probably keep it, always worth having and nowhere near the state you get components into before replacing - the chainring that came off was though!

  3. Never throw anything away unless it's completely broken. Plenty of life left in it and definitley viable for emergencies (i.e. bodge something quick or you don't get to ride)