Saturday, 21 March 2009

20miles chasing Ali

Today Ali asked me if I could find her somewhere to run that was flattish and not too far away. So last night I plotted a route from the outskirts of leyland - I know from cycling to Southport that it is relatively flat round here. We headed up there in the car after stopping at Asda for some lucozade - this is what they give you at the london marathon so it is time for Ali to get used to it - and lots of Jelly Babies. We were off running by 1pm, after a false start - I set off the wrong way on the loop we were off, Ali leading and me behind on a bike.

I was actually beginning to feel very cold part way round, after the sun yesterday I didn't really wear enough. But I was doing a good job of passing out lucozade and riding at just the right point that she could pick jelly babies out of my rucksac. The route was a mixture of quiet roads, farm tracks and one or two cheeky footpaths.

Back at the car and both of our garmins said 20miles so it was back in the car, a hobble round tescos - Ali wasn't doing a good job of walking there - to get pizza then home.

The pace was nice and steady and was probably the ideal recovery for me and a good long run for Ali ready for the marathon next month.


  1. wow Ali, seriously impressive!

  2. Well done Ali, putting me to shame. Any more 20 milers or is now time to start thinking of tapering?

  3. Think that the last one that long as her mother is up next week so it just isn't practical and then its time to taper. your marathon is a little later isn't it?

  4. 31st of May, 10 weeks yet. My 20 miler is still to be run!

  5. Plenty of time yet!

    Do what we did and choose somewhere flat!

  6. 20 mile run - pretty impressive. Trio, I will miss out on my March Century, too. Bl**dy Glandular Fever! :-(

    Here is hoping for April!