Sunday, 8 March 2009

It's lovely out there

This morning I left to run to my course and said to Ali to enjoy her long run as it was lovely out! My nice short run to total fitness was in lovely weather! I came down at lunch with a plan to go for a quick 20min run - being stuck inside all day doesn't suit me - and there was Ali, she had stopped at the gym on her way back from winter hill. We ran towards home together and she told me stories of wind, thunder, lightening, hail and snow - not so lovely then!
While I spent the afternoon back on my course she went to race on the track! She is getting very fit now!


  1. A long run and then beat everyone on the track!

    Go Ali!

  2. ali needs to get her own blog with all that activity ;)

  3. Ali said I had to post the pics, she doesn't want her own bog though as she would never bother updating it!