Thursday, 9 October 2008

Wet feet

Got out running again, I am doing a good job of sticking to it this time, well for the last two weeks ;) Although it was lovely out I chose a trail with big puddles so I have nice wet feet! After running with Ali on monday I realised I should try pushing myself a bit more so it was hard work!

Garmin Stats:
2.92miles @ 9:17 min/mile pace
45m climbed
Average HR 166bbpm


  1. Wow! That's really fast - where did you run?

  2. To increase my running fitness I've always tended to focus on increasing my distance rather than my speed. I've only just started now thinking about speed work, I need to investigate fartlek training!

  3. It hurts that is all you need to know!!!

    I'm just trying to push myself and not daydream, I would love to be able to 9 min/mile but think that would have to be on an all road and flat run.