Saturday, 10 April 2010

Sunny Days

The weather yesterday was lovely and I am glad to say I took advantage of it. After dragging myself out of bed I sat out in the back yard with my sister for a while before heading over to meet Ali for a picnic lunch in the park. I had brought the frisbee so we had fun running round the park. Unfortunately for Ali I am not very good with the frisbee so she had to do a lot more running than me.

After that it was home and then it should have been out to Lee Quarry only my little bit of bike maintaince meant I was too late to get there so I ended up riding with Odile from home. It was a lovely night to be up on Winter Hill and I was riding with gears for a nice change. We went off the shoulder from Winter Hill, I have done this trail once but the weather meant I couldn't see much so I ended up pushing. This time there was just one section I walked and I know its rideable, one to try again!

A little detour as I wanted to see where a trail went led to lots of pushing, but the plus side was seeing loads of baby sheep wearing little coats. No idea why but it was cute.

Home just as it got dark with 15miles on the GPS and a huge smile.

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