Wednesday, 7 April 2010

An evening at Lee Quarry

After our weekend away Ali was all keen to do some more biking. She suggested a trip to lee quarry so I could help her with some skills. So I headed over on the bike and she followed later in the car after work. I was there by 4:30pm and had some fun on the pump track before trying all the tracks in the skills area. So far I had only done one of the reds. There seems to be another route (black I assume) that starts elsewhere although it finishes in the same area so I need to try and work that one out! I also tried the new climb again and failed to clear it again, one day. This time I took in the black slab thing. A little scary but fun! Back to the pump track and on the dot of 6pm Ali rang! So I headed down to the car.

Up the climb again and onto the pump track, she took one look at it and said she didn't like it. She had a few goes round but then a group came up and she didn't want an audience so we went up to the skills area. A bit of playing on the drops and me attempting to persuade her to ride over the log before we headed to the new climb. This was to help Ali with her fear of edges, but she managed it fine! In fact she got all the way up while I pushed some of it - she had gears though ;-) Back to the skills are and I took her down the berms run. Not sure she loved it but she did it well. Back to the pump track and she had improved loads! All that was left was to drop to the car! Back to the bottom and Ali was cramping I think she may need a rest day!

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  1. This is exactly what I need, skills that is.

    I've just found out that I can't ride for more than 6-7hrs and I've always known that I have no skills. This 24hr race in May is starting to look like rather a daft idea.