Friday, 9 April 2010

Easy miles

Yesterday I headed over to pick Jumbly up and then ride into Manchester to go to Bike Doc so I could pick up a new cog for the back of my singlespeed. The day was lovely and I was glad I hadn't worn tights, although I still had my knee warmers on. The ride in wasn't that exciting, straight down the A6 is never going to be. But the bike shop was sucessful. Then we headed into Manchester on a cafe search before getting the train home. I was very suprised to have clocked 45miles as it really hadn't felt like much.

Once home it was pizza and time to head out and see the Saw Doctors. One of my favourite bands and they didn't disappoint. It was such a nice night that we walked home at the end. I am very tired today though.


  1. Well some of us walked, someone hopped, skipped and jumped.

  2. Keep reminding me to send you those sprockets. I need a new brain!

    45miles fixed is easy???
    I think I need new legs too. Mine are obviously faulty.