Thursday, 15 April 2010

Recovery Running

This week is basically a recovery week after three weeks with lots of riding. Means that apart from tuesdays ride I had done nothing till today. Popping in to the office and meeting my my mum for lunch added up to 32miles on kiwi. When I got home I considered taking rigger out as it was such a nice day. But then I came up with another idea I would try running. I haven't ran in nearly a month after hobbling home the last time I tried. Since then I have made an effort to stretch after every ride and that and a break from running seemed to have worked. Today I ran 3miles in just over 30minutes, slow but steady as planned, but the important thing was nothing hurt! Now cycling is a good recovery session for runners, unfortunately I don't think it works the other way round. Still I got to go out on what was a lovely afternoon and enjoy some dry dusty off-road trails.


  1. Running really isn't a recovery session from biking is it? I had a good run on Darwen moor today, I felt pretty comfortable and ran pretty strongly. More biking and less running seems to be good for me.

  2. You go running to recover!!!

    Running kills my legs for days. I'm going to stop reading this blog, it's making me feel very unfit.

  3. No Julbags its not. But I was careful to go really slow and legs seem ok today. Was so nice to get out and run again! Hoping to do one easy half hour run a week till 24solo and then maybe build up again after that!

    redbike I put that it wasn't a good recovery session!

  4. haha! even i could have told you that ;) glad it was painless though.