Tuesday, 6 April 2010

A Good Friday Biking

Since both me and Ali were not working over Easter a plan was hatched (egg pun fully intended!) to travel up to Kielder/Newcastleton for some biking. A lazy start on friday morning meant we arrived at Newcastleton just before 3pm. Minimal faffage and we were pedalling up the hill to the start of the trails. Into the first section of singletrack and I was having fun and feeling fast. I turned round to check on Ali and she was right there, I offered to let her go first but she told me that she was working hard to stay on my wheel! I suprised both myself and Ali by taking the harder choice at one point. I then had to go back so Ali could watch and record the moment!

Up to the border stone on various fireroads and it was time for a snack, yes I had made oatie cakes!

Soon there was more singletrack, including a steep section I just could not get up. Ali used those magic gear things on her bike to ride past me! A bit of singletrack section we both loved brought us back out at the skills section and we set out round the second loop of the red (shared with the blue). Partway up the climb and I pulled away from Ali as I was at the limit of my bike and she was happily spinning away. We went past a couple on their bikes, just as I had slowed down to regroup with Ali the lad stormed past obviously working hard, leaving his girlfriend (I presume) behind. When Ali and I got to the top he was trying to look like he hadn't been trying, think he needs to work on the "that was easy" look ;-) A last few bits of singletrack and it was back to the car and time to drive over to Kielder.

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