Thursday, 8 April 2010

Easter Sunday

After a leisurely breakfast including a fry-up, well we were on holiday, we headed off to do the deadwater trail. I was finding it harder today and Ali was getting away from me a little on the uphills. But on the downhills she had a huge advantage as I struggled with the rough trails. As we headed up on deadwater fell we came across snow. Of course Ali wanted to make a snow angel but the combination of the wrong sort of snow and her not taking off her camelbak meant it wasn't the most sucessful attempt.

Dropping back to Kielder we went to the cafe for soup followed by the all important cake while discussing a plan for the afternoon. We both thought something easy was in order and then Ali suggested riding round the lake. There is a multi-use path the whole way round and although it is 27miles round it we both assumed, wrongly, it would be flat. We followed the sign for the north shore and somehow missed the lake - typical of us - eventually someone pointed us in the right direction and we were on our way. The first hour was spent meeting people coming back the opposite way who had set off in the morning and realising that it was very hilly for a trail round a lake.

On the way we had a few diversions for various art installations including my favourite which was these giant chairs. I just had to have a little rest. We seemed to have all sorts of weather in the afternoon with sun, rain and hail all making an appearance.

Once back at the hostel we decided to head out for dinner and drove to another village to try a pub there, only it was full with a sign saying go away if you haven't booked. We ended up somewhere else and the food was amazing. Sometimes it is the less obvious places that are a real gem.


  1. Snow in April?

    Nice Easter ride by the looks of it. Beautiful lake, too. Doesn't look hilly at all. :-)

  2. Would you post a link to where you stayed please? I might take my kids up there sometime this summer.
    Lee Quarry looks inviting for this weekend though!

  3. Quick - will someone please put those tortoises the right way up again?

    Nice pics Trio


  4. We stayed at the Youth Hostel, they have family rooms so ideal.

  5. i think the next step for you guys is a tandem!