Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Dusty Trails

First thing on the to-do list for yesterday was to get Rigger sorted, he needed a new chain and the chain tension was so loose on the old one I couldn't really get away without doing something. Unfortunately I could not get the EBB to move. Hitting with a hammer, spraying in lube, cycling up a steep hill, etc just didn't work so off I went to Cooksons. Here Martin got to work, no big hammers for him just some nice tools. He also greased it all up and put the new chain on for me. I also picked up some new bar tap for rigger as ge has needed some new stuff for a while.

After some doing some bits round the house it was time to head over to Lee Quarry to meet up with Odile. After our last attempt at riding up there we were both hoping for better weather. Odile did ring to check we were still on as the weather looked like it was going to change. As it turned out the weather was fine, a little windy but nothing like last time. We headed up to the pump track and then went to play in the skills area. After a while we did the red route before heading back up to the skills area. Here we met up with Donk, Junkyard and Si. At this point Odile decided to head off and I stayed on with the boys. Some more skills area playing and then I showed them where the pump track was. Donk made it look easy! He then started talking about a vertical wall in the Quarry he wanted to ride. We all encouraged him but none of us offered to join him!

Partway up with his bike I think he may have been wondering what he was doing, he was soon carrying and practically crawling up! A nervous look over the top and in he dropped. Using my phone meant the pictures were rubbish. He refused to do it again for the camera though.

Then it was time for a lap of the red, me and Si peeled off at some point to head over to Rooley Moor Road and down towards Heywood. Where we split and went our seperate ways.

A lovely evening and a real change to ride dusty trails, although I did have some skids as it was such a strange surface!


  1. wow, that even looks steep in the photos! impressive. you'll have to give it a go....

  2. Nice! Was up there myself on Monday with Number One Son ( ), it was great fun!