Sunday, 1 May 2011

April's lack of Miles

As expected April has been a low month, in fact Ali has just done more miles than me. It was lower than expected, I thought I would be fine after the op expecting to be back on the bike within a week and have no problems riding a 300k Audax the week after. The reality was a little different but I've moaned about that here and over on twitter enough. I am back on the bike now but still having to take it easy, throat is still a little sore and noticeably sore when I yawn.

So the numbers:

Mountain Bike: 32.5miles (all with gears)
Cyclocross Bike: 10.1miles
Road Bike: 257miles (120miles fixed)

Total Cycling: 299miles
Running: 9.6miles

Into May and I've entered a Half-Marathon in July so I have to keep up the running, which wasn't too bad last month, although it was actually only two runs in the whole month. I am aiming to run twice a week between now and the half-marathon. Next week is 24solo and I've already realised that riding for 24hours is not going to happen. At the moment the plan is to head up and ride the 12hour race for fun. There is always next year and hopefully having had my tonsils out will mean I spend less of the winter ill.

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  1. Yay, I beat you! (by a whole 6 miles)

    Suspect that might be the last time though :)