Thursday, 19 May 2011

Might as well ride there.....

Last week the rota came out and it was a mixture of close to home and miles and miles away. Monday I was in Chester but there were three of us there so we met at the office and took the van. Today however I was in Ellesmere Port, I looked at the train option and I would have to be on a train from Bolton at 6:10am there were also two changes and how would I get on getting a bike  on all those trains at a busy time of day. I realised that it was about 40miles so I began to  think about riding it. I could probably leave at the same time. This morning my alarm was set and after a late night following a night ride the 5am alarm call was not appreciated. But I was out the door at 5:45am, back 5minutes later for the folder that I forgot, then on my way again. I went past the train station with just enough time to get a ticket and the train and headed off towards Cheshire.

The ride out was lovely with some lovely roads and some not so lovely dual-carriageway, but I wanted to keep the route as short as possible.

I had a nice day working with five lads who were good riders and really nice to teach. Then time to reverse the route, more uphill on the way back but I was determined not to be too late home. Once I was home Ali made fajitas. I'm a little tired now, I certainly couldn't do it everyday and I was glad I had moved most of the weight off my back and onto the bike.


  1. Chapeau!

    The freedom a bike gives you is SO good!