Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Riding with Chris again

Chris keeps reminding me I am lame as I haven't been out riding with him for ages. So this tuesday I ignored all my good excuses and got myself down to the shop for 5:30ish (Okay I was a little late but neither Shaun or Chris were ready). They both told me they had tired legs due to riding the Etape du Dales on Sunday. As always they seemed fast to me though! Up onto Rooley Moor Road and the boys wanted to bypass Cragg Quarry but I was having none of it. I've only ridden it twice and the last time with Chris was so windy I couldn't really ride. It's lots of fun but very pedally.

Down to drop Shaun off near Ramsbottom and then back along the road with Chris. I noticed that my front tyre was a little soft but there was enough air to get me home.

Another good ride and I'll be out again to slow the boys down.

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