Sunday, 22 May 2011

A Minx Girl Ride

Ali has been building up her bike miles recently so when I suggested riding to Hebden Bridge for the minx girls ride she actually agreed, as long as we could get the train home if she wanted to. We set off a little later than planned on the road to Rochdale and eventually getting on the canal for the rest of the way, well until Todmorden where we got a little confused and just ended up back on the road to Hebden, we wanted to ensure we had time for food though. Arriving just after 10:30am we had time for breakfast panini's/bagel's, cake and a hot chocolate for me.

There were thirteen of us in total and we headed out on a typical Calderdale ride. It went up, then down, up again, down again, up again and down again. I don't think there was any flat on the ride apart from the bit of canal at the start.

We lost a couple of riders along the way, family commitments or broken bikes. Jenn came up trumps and fed us flapjack at the top of one of the climbs although after another downhill she did lead us up another climb.

Back to Cafe Cali for more food, including cake of course. There were lots of tired legs and lots of smiles. The sun was shining and for some unknown reason there was a guy stood in the river balancing rocks?

As we all headed our seperate ways Ali decided to start riding home and see how she felt at Todmorden, she looked very tired at this point. Here it was on towards Rochdale, an emergency Haribo stop at Littleborough and we made it all the way home.

63miles for us and Ali was ready for bed!


  1. That's a properly big ride, well done both of you!

  2. It was a fab ride. Nice to see you and Ali again - I am smiling in the pic, the painkillers were working then and riding was a good distraction!

  3. Kat I was so impressed wit you coming riding after your stack! But then makes more sense than sitting at home feeling sore!

  4. Sounds like a great ride.

    BTW 63 miles on knobbly tires is v.impressive.