Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Sustrans trails are dangerous!

Last night riding with Chris heading along route 6 towards Radcliffe I managed to catch my bars (well I was on Chris's bike so his bars) on a fence post and go flying. I smashed my head into the floor and head was sore, I was very glad to be wearing a helmet! After a bit I got back on the bike, mine this time, and headed on out to Jumbles and then Winter Hill. We went up the Belmont Descent which I just walked. Chris likes loops so we went down the way I usually climb. My thumb was hurting and using the front brake was a little hard. Home and I iced the thumb.

Waking up this morning it was really swollen, more ice and off to work. Holding the bars was a little hard and front braking not a really option. Quite a few people told me to get it checked out so I went to the hospital after work. Xrays showed nothing, its been strapped and i've been told to rest, not ride and go back in 10days. Not good when the Welsh Ride Thing is this weekend!
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  1. ...just catching up... !!! ouch! hope you're back gripping the bars soon

  2. Hope you heal up. Sounds like it could have been worse. Good d helmets!