Saturday, 14 May 2011

Not a day to forget my lunch

I had a little later of a start yesterday, not that i didn't end up rushing at the last minute. Partway there I realised I'd left my lunch hanging on the fridge, never mind there would be plenty of time to pick something up on the way back to the office with Jen.

Then I received a call, could I go to Warrington for the afternoon. So at 12:15 I left trafford to ride 15miles to Warrington, oh and the session started at 13:15. Part way there the rain started and near the end it was so hilly it felt like hail. Got there 5minutes after the session started and I wasn't really needed.

I was so cold, had no spare layers as had expected to be sitting round the office, I got the train back to Manchester.

Lesson learnt always carry lots of clothes, the weather forcast may be wrong!
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