Saturday, 30 April 2011

Starting running training

Last week I was looking for a half marathon for Ali to run in her build up to the Kielder Marathon. I came across The Cross Bay Half Marathon which looked really interesting, next thing I know we've both entered. Which of course means I need to get running again, run regularly and build up my miles so that the race doesn't kill me. I've even wrote myself a rough training plan based on running twice a week, I think that is realistic as work is going to be busy and mean lots of commuting miles.

So today was the start. This week called for a 2.5mile and a 5mile run, as i'm only just getting back into exercising after my op I was only going to manage one run this week so I decided to do the 5miler, I also fancied running the Park Run so I decided to combine them. I jogged down to the start, then ran the Park Run, then jogged home. I took the Park Run easier than last time, but still spprinted a bit at the end. My time was 28:32 so nothing that will set the world alight but not as slow as expected. The jog home was very slow but all together I nearly covered 7miles.

Ali is in Cambridge this weekend so ran the Park Run there, she stormed round in 23:50. I don't think I'lll see much of her during the half marathon!
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  1. welcome to the world of rubbish knees ;) seriously tough, it's great news to read you're getting back to it.

  2. I'm a bit jealous! I'm just about at 4 slow miles pain free.

  3. I'm not pain free today though, it was maybe a little far when I've not ran in 3 weeks. Oh and the jog home would probably have been faster if I'd have walked, very slow!