Monday, 18 April 2011

Slowly Recovering

This morning I felt a little less rubbish when I woke up which made me feel a lot more positive. I had my usual ice lolly to start the day but followed immediately by breakfast, I was hungry. I then managed to hang the washing out and reply to important emails.

Lunchtime and Mum took me to Freddies, they had no Fruits of the Forest Sobet that I have been finding so soothing so I had to try kiwi sorbet, it was nearly as nice.

This afternoon I headed out to get some Census work done, although its only 15hours a week having only done an hour at the weekend I have a lot to do by Friday. It was very tiring and by the end talking was hard but I got 4hours done.

Home and garlic bread and an ice lolly for tea, no idea why garlic bread seems to be working for me at the moment. Still struggling to get enough water in me. Managed three bottles (2.25l) today, going to aim for four tomorrow. I know it'll will help with healing.

Tonight was also the first time I could open my mouth just wide enough to see the lack of tonsils. I couldn't see much, looks like there is white gunk there.

But a positive day, i'll keep resting lots and hopefully slowly i'll improve. One thing worrying me at the moment is 24solo, less than three weeks away....i think it may be too much?
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  1. Ouch - it all sounds pretty painful, although glad to hear it is improving and there's been no more mouthful-of-blood incidents (as a life-long spectacular nose-bleeder, I know from bitter experience that it's just nasty, and I least I know where it's coming from with mine!).

    I'd say just take it easy for the moment - you may well find that it all starts to heal very quickly soon and you'll feel up to normal traiing / activity in no time.

  2. get well soon Amy. it won't be long until you're back fighting fit. look after yourself x