Friday, 1 April 2011

March Miles

So March was the start of a new job, doing the same as I had been doing but without the worry of is there any work that comes from being freelance. The rota has been kind sending me on some long commutes and the mountain bike was out at least once a week.

So the numbers:

Mountain Bike: 193miles (24miles SS)
Cyclocross Bike: 31miles
Road Bike: 920miles (776miles fixed)

Total Cycling: 1044miles
Running: 3.8miles

Running hasn't been great but hopefully I've started again and now its lighter early morning runs are an option.

This month I have my tonsils opp so its about maintaining fitness. Guessing totals will be down.


  1. 1044? Thats damn impressive, if a little bonkers! ;-)

  2. i had to check i read that right too! well done :)

  3. It's nearly all road and commuting though, not really that impressive. April is going to be a low month....already off to a bad start and then have time planned off the bike due to tonsils opp. Still as long as I don't lose too much fitness before may!

  4. Crikey! Well done you. Fingers crossed for the tonsils.