Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Tonsils gone

Yesterday I went to the hospital at 11:30am to have my tonsils removed. The instructions I had were not to eat after 7:30am so I had got up early to have a big breakfast. Just hanging round at home waiting for the call from the hospital I kept nearly snacking...i'm used to eating constantly! I was at least allowed to drink water till 11:30.

Ali took me down and I was a little nervous, she couldn't stay and I put in a little dayroom with others to wait. I was glad i'd brought my book and was in and out to talk to various medical peeps. They organised some cream for my hands as I was worried about the needle which was nice of them.

I was first on the list so was taken down just after 1:30, the nurse taking me down had her tonsils out and made me feel a lot better about how i'd feel afterwards. I don't remember much else, we were chatting while they put drugs in me and that was it. I woke up in a recovery ward feeling thirsty with a very sore throat but otherwise that was it. They took me up onto the ward and I was able to change into my PJ's. I felt hungry, thirsty and very tired. I was able to sip water but it was too noisy to sleep. Dinner came, sausage and mash, I managed two bits of sausage and about a tablespoon of mash. Eating was just too hard, I was struggling to swallow, I also found it hard to keep my eyes open.

My mum and Ali arrived at 6:30pm for visiting hours and were allowed to take me home at about 8ish. I. Felt a bit nauseous walking at first, but a sit down and I was fine. Straight to bed and sleep. I woke up loads in the night but this morning managed a couple of weetabix and all bran for breakfast. Trying to keep sipping water now.
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  1. I had my tonsils out as an adult. I remember being able to eat without problems but didn't feel 100% until I had to go back to work two weeks later.

  2. Healing vibes to you Amy. I had them done at 20 and I was in the hospital for 3 nights!

    Bloody awful experience as I had to go back with a hemorrage *sp.

  3. Aww. Poor you. =( Hope you're feeling better now and able to eat again. (24hrs without cake is more than tragic so I hope that you have been able to make up for those missing hours.)
    Anyway, BIG recovery hugs coming your way.

    BTW Wish I'd have known that you were worried about the needle. I'd have come and done it for you - I'm an expert with a needle you know; you should see my knitting. ;-)

  4. I have a thing about needles Katie! But it was fine, she was so good i didn't even notice it going in!

    I'm eating, managed cereal and some cake! Reading online it sounds like it gets worse before it gets better.....

  5. :( Awww. I didn't know you had a thing about needles. It's a good job that you were 100's of miles away from me when I was practising taking blood - everyone I came across found themselves at the end of my pointy needles. ;-)

    Not everyone will get worse before they get better, so I have my fingers crossed for you. Just make sure Ali gets you lots of extra ice-cream in. ;-)

  6. I have a thing about needles too,LOL,don't feel bad! Mine were removed (tonsils) as a pre-teen,I barely have the vaguest of memories. I wish you a well,and a speedy recovery,my friend :)