Sunday, 24 April 2011

Ali's continuing adventure's

I'm still not doing anything but Ali is making up for it with lots of running and cycling. On Saturday she headed off to Heaton Park for the Park Run there. Her aim was a new PB and the Heaton Park course is faster (less hilly than Bolton), Lucazade were there giving out goodies to anyone wearing Orange and she needed to pick her bike up from Cooksons. She got herself out in the morning while I snoozed away, its like we've changed places! Then I was at home wondering where she was and she was chatting in Cooksons!

Anyway she came back with a big smile and PB of 24:43. I'd better get training if she is not going to be waiting a long time for me when we go running.


  1. Poor Trio! But, go Ali! Go!

  2. Cool beans for Ali!!! :D

    You'll get there,but you must heal yourself first,my friend :)