Saturday, 16 April 2011


Warning This post involves blood and self pitying, I won't be annoyed if you don't read it.

After Thursday I was feeling quite positive, yes my throat was still sore but I was eating and although tired feeling like I could do stuff. Yesterday morning I had my hair cut and then came home and had some cereal for breakfast. Half an hour later and I felt like I was choking, I found my mouth full of blood. On my own and no idea what to do, feeling a little dizzy and ill. I rang NHS and it stopped bleeding, they told me to eat soft food and if it happens again and continues go to hospital.

My mum came round and took me out for ice cream, I then went back to bed and slept the afternoon away. I was very scared, I thought I was doing really well but now i'm anxious. Hopefully it was a blip and i'll find my positivety back.
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  1. Hope you're well on the way to fully recovering.

  2. Patient is something I don't have and seem to need. I'm hating the fact I now feel worse than I did a few days ago. Hopefully another day of doing nothing and things will improve.

  3. I hope you have all recovered. Very scary.