Thursday, 14 April 2011

Just a short ride

I am rubbish at staying off the bike. Especially as the last few months have felt like a great month, rubbish month with illness, great month, repeat. I have on the whole being sensible and having my tonsils out should help the illness. I've not been feeling too bad in my recovery just a really sore throat and not swallowing easily. So after lunch with my mum, involving ice cream I pedalled down to Cookson Cycles. I took it easy and then rode bacl easy on ruby. Chris came back for pizza which was a perfect end to a nice day.
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  1. Just please don't overdo it,heal up nicely.

    That said,SWEET tht you got a ride in so soon! :D

  2. Glad your one the mend but +1 on taking it easy, Love that bar tape though what a fab colour.

  3. Don't worry I am taking it easy, I was spinning in the easiest gears on the bike. I like the bar tape as well Julbags, Chris did it as he was changing the transmission, matches my bottle cages. Hope it stays that colour a while.