Tuesday, 1 March 2011

February's Miles

After an amazing January I was hoping for more of the same. But it wasn't to be, a dose of the flu led to ten days off the bike. Still I should still have my base fitness and I'm back riding now.

So the numbers:

Mountain Bike: 96miles (46miles SS)
Cyclocross Bike: 0miles 
Road Bike: 339miles (301miles fixed)

Total Cycling: 435miles
Running: 13.3miles

Running was going well, but obviously not ran with being ill. Still if I manage 13miles a month I'll smash my target (120miles) for that.

I also won my first race of the year at a muddy hit the north, got offered a job and got a date for having my tonsils out. So all in all a good month if I ignore being ill.

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