Friday, 4 March 2011

A dusk-night ride

I'll bein trouble with Chris since he sent me the pictures and I haven't posted a blog!

On tuesday I was back up to riding with Chris (well if he went slow) so I met him at the shop. I was a little late and the poor boy was waiting outside for me. Since it was light (I can't remember the last time we met and it was still light) Chris suggested we head to the trails at Prestwich to make the most of the chance to ride a bit in daylight! First downhill and I could tell it was a while since I had been on my mountain bike, but I loved the berms.

Over to the stream crossing and I decided I needed to clear it, nope my brain had other ideas and I kept braking and unclipping. I will do it again one day soon! It's annoying as I know I can do it as I've done it before!
By now it was getting dark so we headed up the nature trail to Radcliffe, waiting a little longer than we maybe should before turning our lights on before heading over to Ramsbottom and then round the horseshoe. Home via Jumbles and I nearly got took off my bike turning right onto my road by an idiot undertaking me.

32muddy miles and I was a little tired.

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