Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Getting to the top in the light

This week for a change I rode with Chris on a Wednesday. I was working in Bolton so it was an easy commute but when I headed over to Cooksons to meet Chris my legs made it clear they had nothing in them and going uphill was not in their plans for the evening. I ignored them as I had already eaten loads in preperation (after last week I also took loads of food with me).

Ali wanted to come with us so we headed to Bolton to collect her, linking a few different trails. Then up onto Winter Hill, where Chris decided to soak me using his rear wheel to splas water at me. Halfway up he decided we could get to the top in the light. He was right and we made it with no need for lights.

Downhill and something clicked, i've been riding downhills rubbish recently, and I felt like I wasn't constantly braking.

Home and I realised i'd rode 30miles (13 of them with Ali)
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