Tuesday, 29 March 2011

A morning shuffle

I really am rubbish when it comes to running regularly but this morning I set my alarm to go for a small run before leaving for work. As it turns out it was more of a shuffle than a run and the problem with my back/bum/leg might be fine cycling but not running. I was slow but I did the 20mins I was planning. It's a start!
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  1. well done on the early morning run-always the hardest.

  2. +1 from me. I didn't get out of bed for my commute yesterday as it was a bit dark and I was lazy. Luckily I am on a rest week but I should take a leaf out of your book as I sound pathetic. Hope your back/bum/leg problem is nothing serious but running does tend to highlight these things in a way cycling doesn't.

  3. It seems okay, hamstring a little tight but I have been doing lots of stretching!

    Will try and build the running up again!

  4. Oh god - morning running? I have zero energy - can't function until I've had breakfast! Fair play on getting out there! Now streeeetch! (My trainer did mine the other week - apparently they get a lot tighter after regular running - bloody agony!)