Sunday, 13 March 2011

Broken wheel and Pancakes

Tuesday found me once again heading off to Cookson Cycles to meet Chris. I was feeling like trying to chase him up the hills but managed to forget to put my heart rate monitor on. Shaun came out with us as well so they chatted their way up the hills while I worked hard just to keep them in sight.

Chris has being having problems with his rear hub for a while, he's rebuilt it a couple of times but it doesn't seem to last. This ride was to kill it. Just before Cragg Quarry he realised that it was basically fixed wheel and he couldn't stop pedalling. Then just as we started downhill if he put his feet on the pedals it just went really bad. So he ran parts, rode parts with his legs stuck out and pedals still going round. At the bottom we went to Shauns and they switched the wheel.

Back to mine and it was pancake time, no idea how many I had but it was loads!
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