Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Must eat more....

Not usually something I need to worrry about as usually I eat too much - I must be the only person who puts weight on when they have flu! But last night I was out riding with Chris and I certainly didn't eat enough.

It was a lovely day, so lovely in fact I rode home in shorts. I ate some toast, fixed a puncture and then Chris arrived so we headed out. I decided that it would be a good idea to head to Great Hill and it was a perfect evening for a night ride. Chris hadn't done the descent off Great Hill before and from there we headed round to Rivington. I had an energy gel and we headed up the school climb and then on up Winter Hill.

At the top I realised I was going to struggle I was shaking and obviously out of energy. I'm not sure what made me think a four hour ride and one energy gel wouuld be enough? The Belmont desent was very slow and I was pleased to get on the road.

Home with 29miles and 1000m of climbing on the Garmin and a lecture off Ali about not bringing food, I really should have known better!
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  1. I'm shocked! Where was your emergency supply of Haribo? ;-)

  2. you must be having to eat loads at the moment, bet your work bag must be mainly 'emergency haribo' ;)