Thursday, 3 March 2011

On the track again

A post on the Mills Cycling Club forum about a track session went up the other week and I was quick to sign me and Ali up. It was a late one running 8pm-10pm and I was working in Warrington so I had lots of excuses for being slow.

We were asked to go on the track if we were 'experts'. Ali and I didn't think we were in that category but apparently being accredited meant that we were. So we went on and a huge long line formed as we warmed up. After this I made the decision to drop to the 'intermediate' group as my twitter friends were in it and I like to talk at people! The first session was the same for both groups, standing up on the bends. I've tried this before during intervals at a cyclechat session and did not enjoy it. This time after the first couple I started to feel more comfortable.

We did a couple of other skills and then time for a chaingain in pairs, I like this as I seem less scared with someone next to me. I grabbed fellow Velocake rider Tim and we worked together, I thought we communicated well and did a good job of dropping back into the line. We also tried to speed the group up a little.

Meanwhile Ali was still flying round with the huge group of 'experts'.

Reminded me I do like the track, when is the next cyclechat session?

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