Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A short night ride

I've a fair few commuting miles this week, starting yesterday with 20miles each way to Warrington and another 20 each way today to another part of Warrington. I still wanted to ride with Chris so I told him he'd have to come to mine and we'd ride from there.

At aabout 6:30 we set out up Winter Hill, Chris tried to ride up the steps again and failed, again. Down the shoulder... I rode terribly with lots of screaming. Down the ice-cream run, up to the Pike and off the back, up Winter Hill and down there Belmont Descent.

It was very hilly although shorter than usual. Back to mine and Pizza was ordered, I think I deserved it after 60miles in total today.

20miles, 750m ascent.
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  1. I think a beer , or two, would be in order after your total miles in the last few days.

  2. We had a couple of beers with the Pizza :-)

  3. Well done on the mileage Amy, impressive. I did about 40 miles of commuting today overall but all I was fit for after it was falling face first into a large bowl of risotto. No way could I have forced another ride out of my legs.

  4. you couldnt even finish the pizza you slacker.
    you best of had it for breakfast!

  5. Sorry Chris I'm so weak I didn't!