Thursday, 3 June 2010

Welsh Ride Thing - Day 3

We were both awake just after four and Ali did suggest getting up but neither of us were very keen on the idea and snuggled back down in our bags for some more sleep. We had choosen a comfy spot, so comfy in fact I didn't notice that I had rolled off my mat!

At around 6:30am we did surface and I felt terrible. Ali tucked into her breakfast - with her second pint of real milk, which had managed to stay nice and cold - while I made myself eat m&m's as I couldn't face anything else. The midges were out a bit, although nothing compared to previous trips with Ali. Still she was glad to have her midge net to put on.

We got our stuff packed out, got back out of the trees and onto the road. Suprisingly we were both going well and made good time to our last off-road section of the route. As we pushed up this I felt it was similar to a bit of transwales, but not the same as I had rode the section at transwales. Once we started descending Ali recognised it as she had ridden up to take pictures. Riding it in the opposite direction had confused me! We enjoyed a great descent before we hit traffic, a load of bulls being hearded down the road. We sensibly kept our distance until they went a different way.

Back onto road and the question was now could we make 2pm, it would be close but not impossible. At Llanwrthwl we joined NCN 8 which was to be our friend for the rest of the route. Some of it was on dedicated cycle path, all tarmac though. Some on quiet roads, including one with numerous gates which felt more like a bridleway. We pushed on through Rhayader deciding against stopping for extra supplies as we were feeling good. At this point I told Ali we were 30miles from the finish and 10miles from the last checkpoint. That put a spring in Ali's pedalling but it did feel like a long ten miles before we got to Llangurig our final checkpoint.

Here there were loads of cyclists on the Welsh Ride Thing outside the post office, we were soon inside and stocking up on savoury foods - pork pies, sandwich, crisps and a banana for me. Then we settled down in the sun to eat. Next thing we know there is a cheery hello and two people from the last two transwales appear. They were out on their own wild camping adventure. A nice chat and it was time to head on back. Just over two hours and twenty miles to go.

We set off up the first steep hill and then it felt like it was climb, a bit of flat to recover, climb for the next hour or so. But with just over 3 miles to go we hit a downhill which went on and on and on. In fact all the way to Pennant. All that was left was the final climb to the farm, I think they had moved the house since saturday it seemed a long way. Back, just before 2pm, to a welcome of tea and welsh cakes and the news we had won two raffle prizes.

Another great day on the bikes and we were both glad for the easy tarmac miles.

42.7 miles ridden, 1495m climbed

An excellent weekend and one to repeat, in fact I am now thinking about our next adventure!


  1. I NEED an adventure like this! I've never been on one (well,not by pedal power'd bike,but back in my motor power'd dirt bike days,LOL!).

    I really enjoyed reading about this one,my friend,and great pics too :-)


  2. Sounds like an ace adventure, although after your 24 solo last week you must be properly knackered now!

  3. I am Simon, my body was not happy with me. A very easy few weeks are on the cards!

  4. Wowsers! Sounds wonderful! Congrats on another wonderful achievement.

    I love how on every photo you are both smiling despite the mammoth climbs you have just done, or how wet your feet were. :-D

    I think it is definately time for you to take a rest though. ;-)

  5. great effort girls! looks like you both had a fab adventure and i particularly love the midge net piccy lol :)

    great write up as ever Trio

  6. you've really sold this event to me, thanks :)

  7. It was so much fun we couldn't help but smile. Definetly one to do, really good excuse for some great riding and bivvying!