Saturday, 5 June 2010

May Roundup

Another month gone and what a month! I started a full-time job, rode in my first 24 solo event and did my first multi-day bivvy! Mileage was down this month at 792miles (still loads though) but the split between off and on road and swung completely towards off-road miles. In fact I only did 332miles on the road. That is less miles than my diastorous January, the diffeence being in May I rode 439miles off-road. A lot of that was the last two weekends, but still I was impressed. No wonder I am tired now.

Running happened, as in I ran once back from cooksons, which put 7miles in the bank. But I do need to try and build a weekly run into my schedule. Nothing long but something.

Away from looking at miles, I wasn't actually thinking about them this week. I am just so pleased to do a couple of things I really want to try. The 24solo was hard but I learnt a lot and want to do another one, maybe even this summer! The Welsh Ride Thing was better than I could have imagined and I am definetly going to try and get at least one more bivvy adventure in this summer.

So what is everyone planning for June?


  1. Seeing "792 miles" and "for the month of" just astounds me! a HUGE congradulations for the kinda mileage you've been hitting this year =D That's a great inspiration that helps to motivate me. And yeah,no wonder you two are tired,that's some miles,LOL!

    June? My plan is to take it easy enough not to aggrivate the spinal yet get consistantly back at it. I'm shooting for more road miles than I normally would like,but that counts gravel roads too ;). I hope to get out to the Breaks and finally see what Old Man Winter's havoc did to my home trails this month as well.

    I loved reading about y'alls multi-day bivvy,can't wait to see what you and Ali have planned next =D


  2. Amy your thirst for cycling in all forms amazes me.

  3. You plan another 24 hour this year? Wowsers you are crackers (in an inspiring way) =D

  4. wow, that is a big month and sounds like a lot of fun too. I'm pondering a 24hr in a pair - solo just sounds too extreme! Maybe relentless...

  5. katie you will be expected to be there for support ;-)

    Elizabeth I have been told pairs is even harder than solo, not tried it though....relentless looks fun!

  6. good cycling and a new job. glad it's all going so well :)

  7. Well done Trio! Just catching up - loved reading about the Welsh ride you maniacs!

    My June has already involved 7 days of Scottish trail centre riding and in 10 days we're off to Chamonix for some alpine riding topped off with the Passporte du Soleil!