Sunday, 6 June 2010

A weekend of food

My plan this weekend was for an easy weekend, laze around, read a bit, watch some tv, you get the idea. Oh and maybe a ride on sunday, well it seemed a shame not to.

Saturday I did manage this, a trip to the Garden Centre and then it was a BBQ in the back garden.

Sunday I went on a short ride, or maybe not so short as I suggested Southport. Odile joined us and we headed off after a stop for sweeties for Ali.

The rain kept threatening on the way out but apart from being a headwind the whole way there it wasn't too bad. There was of course the now traditional photo stop at toogood lane. For the first time ever I was stopped at two of the swing bridges over the canal for boats to go over, it was quite exciting.

It started raining just as we arrived at Southport so it we quickly locked the bikes up and got inside, there would have been a picture of the food but we were all so hungry we just ate. Ali was so hungry she got a seaside special in which they gave her two pieces of fish. The rain stopped just before we left so it was along the coast road. I was beginning to hurt now and my leg that had woke me up the night before the Welsh Ride Thing was really being a pain. Still I knew it wasn't far till Ice-Cream.

A stop at Freddies and Odile was converted, after saying she wasn't an ice-cream person! Then it was the last 10miles home. Tired, sore legs but happy we were all glad to be back

75miles in total and for some reason it felt hilly today although only about 750m of climbing.


  1. i'd have to move if my nearest chippy was that far away ;)

  2. I just discovered that when I hover my mouse over the 75miles it tells me that that's 120km (great little gizmo). No wonder your legs were sore. Too bad you missed out on the ice cream.

  3. I worded it wrong, I did have ice-cream, two scoops :-)

    Kate there is actually a chippy closer!