Monday, 28 June 2010

A weekend of bikes and beer

Saturday I was working at a fashion show in the arndale. I wasn't modelling but signing people up for free cycle training. Which was harder than I anticipated, everyone just tells you they can ride a bike, men especially look at you as if they are insulted. I was told that I had to dress smart or fashionable.....I needed some ideas. In came minx to the rescue! Saturday morning I was waiting for the postie, who arrived with loads of time. A fab outfit was contained inside and I had instructions to wear it over 3/4-length bike tights.

The day was fun, a bicycle powered sound-system and smoothie making being my favourite. The fashion show was interesting. A couple of the outfits I could imagine riding in - skinny jeans being a good look - but some just weren't practical. I did however get some compliments and equires to where I got my little biking skirt. I have to say I would have never worn one before but it was so comfy and I really liked it!

Since Ali was off playing in the peaks on her bike I met up with Odile for a couple of drinks and then dinner. We ended up dancing to 80's music in New York, New York before heading home at 11pm. My outfit worked perfectly for heading out in Manchester.

Sunday was another lovely sunny day. I was an assistant leader on a ride in South Manchester and leaving later than planned, meant when Ali realised she had forgotten her phone I had to let her go home on her own. Pushing hard I think I got a really good average for me. Just before the ride started Ali turned up, she had decided to still do the ride. Afterwards we headed off to a local pub with Patrick, it had a tv outside and I managed to grab some seats. Turned out it was a really friendly pub and although the football didn't deliever we had a great afternoon. Then it was out for an early anniversary dinner for me and Ali. I should have thought about what I was wearing though as all my spare layers were clashing!

A fantastic weekend, lots of bikes, smiles and fun.


  1. Sounds like an ace weekend :)

  2. Looking good! Sounds like you had fun.

  3. It does sound like you had great fun! And happy anniversary to the two of ya's =D