Friday, 25 June 2010

Bike Fabulous

Today was Bike Friday, as it is bike week there was cake and coffee on offer when you arrived at Exchange Square. Obviously not one to turn down free food I had to join in. They asked you to dress smart, fashionable or different so I made an effort and put a skirt on! Leaving later than I needed to I missed them at the start in Prestwich but caught up near the end. Somehow I ended up in charge of giving out the vouchers, dangerous. Loads left over so they came back to work. Problem is I ate way to many!

Bike Fabulous have a fashion show on tomorrow and the arndale centre which should be interesting. Although I am working and not modelling I think my outfit might be sorted thanks to minx!


  1. No i ate seven pastries, which you got with the vouchers!

  2. Just catching up after 9 days away - in that short time, you've become a magazine model, learnt to ride seesaws and started wearing skirts.

    I can't keep up! Does Ali still recognise you?!