Thursday, 24 June 2010

Does it count as hill reps?

Since I worked on sunday I had to take a day off this week. It turns out Jenn was out riding on Wednesday so I checked and yes it was fine to go out and play! I did think of cycling to where we were meeting but then commonsense took over. Not only was I riding with someone faster than me I was tired after a late night. The ride was to get photos for a route guide in a magazine (yes I will sign autographs!)

We met at 9am at the base of Rooley Moor Road and set on up the climb. Part way up and Russell (the photographer) spotted a photo opportunity. So me and Jenn got to ride up and down numerous times. This was repeated on various parts of the climb. Back to the cars without even reaching the top of the climb but with a fair few miles in my legs the decision was made to get some food.

Over to Todmorden for a lovely hot chocolate and cheese on toast, before heading up more hills. Then it was time for more hill reps. Oh and more hill reps and more hill reps. But you can't complain when the weather is perfect and the trails lovely! Well there were some complaints from Russell when the sun went behind the clouds! Oh and a few shouts of "quickly go now, faster faster".

The last shoot of the day was a tiny stream crossing, my first attempt I screamed, second I pulled a face, third I just rode it. Go me! All that was left was to roll back to the cars, my garmin claimed 32miles with 1075m of climbing.

So does it count as hill reps even though they were short?