Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Chasing Chris

An early finish due to working at a school in Bolton made me organise a ride. I just had time to nip home, check my email, switch bikes, fill a camelbak up and head over to Cookson Cycles. The plan was to head up onto Scout Moor, over Holcombe Moor and then loop back via the outskirts of Bolton. On the way over I was thinking that I really should have changed the gear on my bike (Still 32x20 from 24solo) as I spun out at a silly low speed on any tarmac sections. Leaving the shop I still wasn't sure, Chris was taking it easy and I was spinning like a loon. Once we were off-road it wasn't as bad and I appreciated being able to turn the gear over. Before I knew it we were on Rooley Moor Road and I was doing my best to keep up with Chris, he is one of these people who stay just the right distance ahead of you that you can't give up! I found myself working harder than I had in a long time, but its good for me isn't it?

At the top of Scout Moor we headed onto the Cragg Quarry trails. They are great but you do really have to work on them. Lots of times I just made the short sharp uphills. But they reward you with lots of fun berms and track to pump.

Cutting off we headed down to Edenfield. Chris told me stories of 50mph speeds being reached on this section. No chance of that happening with me! Then we started climbing again, up and up and more up. Onto Holcombe Moor and to the trig point at Bull Hill. I can't believe I haven't been up there before, the views are stunning! I put an extra layer on here as it was windy, next climb and it had to come straight off!

Across the firing range and I showed Chris some of the trails around Entwistle before a cheeky ride through Jumbles. Through Longsight Park and down to the Bury Road. It was starting to get dark at this point. So Chris headed off to Whitefield and I spun back to my house.

43.7 miles with 1290m of ascent. Not bad for an evenings ride after work. Hopefully to be repeated if Chris can cope with waiting for me.


  1. Sounds like a top ride. I hate riders who ride at just the right speed to make you hurt but not quite fast enough to make you give up - you end up battered at the end of the ride. Great for fitness though!

  2. I think he was doing it on purpose. I really enjoyed it! It can only make me fitter.

  3. Oh that sounds like a fun eve! =)

  4. Looks like a good ride.

    Wish we had somewhere local like that to play on. If I didn't like living in Cornwall so much, I'd think about moving back up North so you could show me all your local trails.

  5. Would be interested in seeing yur route from Cragg to holcombe, I've got an xc route planned but dunno if it's a goer, not had chance to try it out yet.