Wednesday, 31 March 2010


This week I have been working a lot at Lee Quarry, my days have consisted of getting up early and heading into the office in Manchester, packing the van and then heading over to Bacup. Here I have had the fun of spring as I put about ten layers on and even the climbs can't warm me up. We've had rain, hail, snow, wind and even one afternoon the sun. But its been great fun! Small groups meant a chance for me to play on the pump track and each day I am feeling stronger on it. I've been riding on flats all week and it has been showing up where I use the fact I am in spd's, this can only be good for my skills. But however cold it has been and even when I have been washing muddy waterproofs again I have to say I wouldn't change my job as there has been fear and tears but after every sessions smiles and can we do it again!


  1. You need to be fatter and unfit Trio. Then you wouldn't feel the cold as much and the climbs would warm you up.

    How you can't get warm on that monster of a climb up Lee quary is beyond me.

  2. Easily, I was riding slower than walking pace and it was very very cold!

    I have plenty of fat I just seem to feel the cold!

  3. Hello :-)

    What are you doing in Lee Quarry, I thought you just worked in schools? I've not being paying attention at the back, clearly ;-)

    How's the sleep going? - I had a terrible week last week and so much better this week, I don't understand it...

  4. Teaching mountain biking in the holidays Jo. Send me an email as I can't find your's and I'll update you on the sleep situation.