Monday, 1 March 2010


Woke up this morning and it was already getting light. By the time I had eaten breakfast the sun was out! It seems that at least for the first day of March we have spring. Had plans for this morning since I wasn't working, haven't got a lot of time off this week and don't want to waste it all on the internet. So today I was to go food shopping and then for a 50min run. Left the house later than planned for food shopping, but got everything on the list and managed to get it home, wished I had gears as standing up wasn't an option with the heavy bag which made the mile feel longer. Back home and I started thinking that I wouldn't bother with a run this morning, just go later maybe. Then I realised what I was doing. So a quick change into running stuff and I was out the door. Breathing felt hard but otherwise everything was okay, I had sunglasses on and was wishing I wasn't in tights as it was warm! Then I got a stictch! Everything slowed down, I debated stopping but decided to continue. Got to the 50mins and was speeding up again near the end. Lovely day for a run.

My aim for this week is to try and stay hydrated. I am not drinking at all on the bike and hardly at all when I am working. This needs to change! I then try and drink loads once I get home but it is not really working. I need to be more consistent. So I am setting myself a challenge. Two bottles of water throughout the day - meaning I have to finish the first by lunch to fill it up. I manage this one day and then fail for two. This week the aim is everyday. I think staying hydrated will make everything easier!


  1. You must get up very early. I haven't needed lights to ride to work for a week or two and I set off at 6:30!

  2. must be as I am further north? On friday I had lights on all day as the rain made it dark. usually light enough if I leave at 8am but if leaving earlier cars still have their lights on so I need mine!