Sunday, 28 March 2010

Ali's longest-est ever ride (just)

Today's plan was to head to the seaside with Ali she had decided to plot a route last night so I wasn't actually sure which way we were going. The clocks going forward meant that I decided not to get up silly early and do a ride before we set off - that and a promise to make Ali oatie cakes! After lots of faffing - mainly by me who decided this was an ideal time to catch up on paperwork? We left just before 10am. It was a little overcast but not too cold which was good. Pedalling off towards Horwich it wasn't long before I was stopping to take a layer off and to look at my bike. It felt like the brakes were on but I assumed it was just me! As it turns out the front brake was on - this must be the only time that has happened and its not just me imagining it!

It seemed like no time at all before we were out in the lanes, at this point it became apparent that not only was it windy but that it was going to be a headwind the whole way there. Ali was doing a good job of sitting right on my rear wheel so I was left to battle the wind, still I am sure it is good training. I love the road names in this part of Lancashire and with the route being slightly different to my normal route there were a few new ones to me.

We arrived into Southport a completely new way to me but still on quiet roads so that was a win. There was some debate about eating inside or out but we both agreed it was still a little too cold, I especially seem to get really cold once I stop pedalling.

So it was fish and chips for two before heading back down to the seafront so Ali could get onto the beach. I prefered not to get covered in sand so was boring and stayed on the seawall.

Time to head off and after a pleasent ride along the coast road we headed off along the Banks only to take another new route. It avoided the main road but did become a little interesting on road bikes!

Then all that was left to do was stop at Freddies for ice-creams before heading home.

At this point Ali changed her mind about climbing over Sheep House Lane to Belmont and we went the flatter route home.

76miles makes it the longest ride mileage-wise for Ali, if she keeps this up I am going to struggle to keep up with her at Kielder100!


  1. At least Ali's smiling! I've just had to coax/cajol/drag a very unfit Jez around 52 of todays 68 miles on the Cheshire Cat. He did (just) survive though.

    Is Ali one of those annoying natural athletes?

  2. YES she is one of those annoying people!

    You enjoy the cat?

  3. I loved it! Jez, definitely didn't.

  4. Irronically I had planned to go to Southport too this weekend. However my legs certainly wern't up for such a long ride.

    Well done Ali

  5. Sounds excellent. I fancy that in summer when it's warm. Furthest I've done is about 55.

  6. Sounded like a special kind of torturous fun. Keep it up.

  7. Wowsers! She obviously shares your passion for "silly mileage". =D 76 miles is brilliant. (I can only dream of being that good.)

    Well done to both of you, it looks like a great day.

  8. Looks good. I like the farm track you took, it's a little bit like riding one of the Spring Classics :)