Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Comedy commute

Yesterday I had an interesting commute. After running in the lovely weather I was looking forward to getting on my bike and looking in my book I thought the school was 10miles away. I left myself 50minutes to get there but 2 miles in a look at the Garmin made me realise it was more like 13miles. Time to get a move on. For the first time in ages my legs felt strong, I was pushing in fact I was flying. Turns out I averaged 15mph so I was feeling pretty pleased with myself.

Outside with the kids and it started hailing, only light though so no problems. Stopped pretty soon and I carried on. Next thing I know is the sky goes dark and we are in a huge hailstorm. Get them back to school as quick as possible and do indoor activities.

After that I popped to the office before heading home. Stopped at the lights on Oldham road some school kids decided to throw stones at me. I ignored them but it continued till the lights changed. Nice of them wasn't it? I was more worried about the ones that hit my lovely bike!

Stopped at Cooksons on the way back. Chris kindly spoiled my bike taking the front brake off and actually making it work. It was a good job as on the way home three cars turned right across me causing emergency braking moves. Nice of them to let me test the new brake blocks - fortunately they worked.

It was a great day and I think the sun coming out has made me smile!


  1. that's certainly an eventful day at work! bloody kids!

  2. Can't believe you didn't tell me about the stone-throwing! I heard from my mum!